About Terminus Est Leather

About Terminus Est Leather

Terminus Est Leather was created mostly because I was dissatisfied with all the belts I had ever owned, and being the son of professional artisans, I figured 'Hey, I'm good at stuff. I'll bet if I worked hard enough at it, I could do that better than anyone else"

And hey, look at that, after a bunch of effort, time, money, and practice, and I am doing it! We'll see if it ends up being better than anyone else, but the main thing is that I am satisfied with the quality and I think you will be too.

Terminus Est Leather will always be focused on creating simple, elegant, and heavy duty leather goods made to the highest standards of craftsmanship. I am starting with belts, as that was why this company was founded, but will be adding new products as soon as the R&D team (me) deems them ready.

The name Terminus Est is an an old referance I like, but more importantly it is Latin and can be translated as literally "End Is" or more colloquially, "this is the end", "the final thing", "the dividing line" or even, if you want to stretch your imagination, "the final product". I thought all of these translations and more were appropriate for the quality and lasting durability of the leather goods I am making.

Please take a look, order something if you feel like it, share the site around if you like it. I can use all the exposure I can while I am getting this thing started.

All products are made to order and have limited availability (to make sure I can keep up with orders in case someone wants a few hundred belts or something, but rest assured, if something is out of stock, more availability will be added after a couple days as I finish up the orders already made.

Oh ya, and that's a photo I took in Taos, New Mexico, my hometown, years ago. I thought it looked nice, and I hope you do too.