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  • Potential New Products

    So, While I have started with belts and bracelets, I do have plans to expand my inventory whenever I can come up with a sufficiently cool product.

    My next projects with be MORE belts, but in a narrower style, probably 1.5 inches wide insteadof 1.75.

    I am also looking into the best way of making shackle keychains, or the best/easiest/quietest way of keeping your keys.

    Finally I will also be making nice little keychain dongles for super cheap prices if you just want a little something, or to help show your support.

    After that, but after I get some different thinner leather, I will also be adding custom Watch Bands to the site, probably some out of vintage leather (Think old WWII Ammo pouches or the like) as well as some others out of new interesting leathers.

    I have some other ideas floating around as well, but these are the three things that will be available in the very near future.