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  • Watch Bands

    Just put my first few watch bands up in the store. Currently there is only one color/style, but it is really nice. Dark brown cinnamon Horween leather that looks lighter in bright light and is really pretty awesome. Check it out! These are most likely a VERY limited run of 3 or so bands, so if you like one, snap it up fast, I don't know how much longer I'll have any of this leather available.

    I also have ordered a bit of old vintage leather and WW2 Ammo Pouches to experiment with making TRULY custom bands. I will have some of these up and available in the near future. I'm pretty sure they will look amazin, with various stamps and stitching marks left behind, but since this leather is tough to find they will also be a bit more expensive than this first batch. All the more reason to buy something now!